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System Design

"System-Design" - development of hard- and software systems on customer order is our most important product.

IrDA module A total system is mostly classified into groups of hardware and software, additionally firmware and configware are often mentioned separately. A modern system rarely consists of only one of these parts, in many cases they are tightly linked together. Irrespective of how the classification has been made, it's always highly important that the development of all classes goes hand-in-hand with each other.

We provide you the necessary competence to successfully close the design of such a system. We would be pleased to accompany you in your project from the the first idea to the functional prototype or the product ready for bulk production.

Some keywords from our special fields of experience, will be mentioned in the following paragraph. It is impossible to list all details of a system design, but if you recognize some of the items in your project, you should absolutely contact us!

Hardware Development

layout1.jpg 200x150 If your project contains a hardware part, we can offer you all necessary steps from the circuit and PCB design to production and initial operation of the first prototypes. In cooperation with qualified partner companies we can even offer you (small) bulk production of your products.

Digital and analog circuit design is our daily job, whereat focus of lies on microcontroller operated circuits, some of which contain reconfigurable logic for complex digital circuit parts.

TFT graphcis module with Epson controller Commonly we use Controllers out of the Micochip PIC family, which cover a wide area of application in embedded systems. For special applications we have also used a 32bit Sparc-V7 compatible CPU core and others.

Our experience with the Epson display controllers S1D13xxx might be particularly interesting for you, since they play an important role on the embedded market today.

Reconfigurable Logic

Reconfigurable logic in its present form is a relatively young and sometimes underestimated technology. So it will be mentioned here separately, even it could also be deemed as a part or combination of hardware and software design.

Circuit diagram Nowadays hardly any complex digital system gets by without an FPGA or CPLD. These - meanwhile very powerful - devices can contain circuits from simple logic operations and fast state machines up to complete CPUs or signal processors.

FPGAs are particularly interesting for low volume products, where they are a competitive alternative compared to ASICs with superior time-to-market and NRE. In certain applications they can even be an interesting and highly performant replacement for conventional CPUs or DSPs.

Besides the standard devices (PAL, GAL, ...) so far we have mainly utilized FPGAs out of the Virtex family from Xilix, which were commonly configured in VHDL.

Software Development

Nearly every modern system contains a respectable part in software nowadays. This can be a self-contained Windows application or the firmware of an embedded microcontroller, in the broader sense it could also be the configuration of an FPGA.

Software development Generally our desktop applications applications are built in C/C++, using the usual class libraries for Windows. In the selection of language, operating system and libraries we will smoothly meet your demands.

Embedded systems make other demands at this point. Depending on requisites and the utilized controller, most applications are written in C or assembler. On powerful CPUs we also used C++ and an RTOS in several applications. Again, your needs will decide about the selected CPU, language, tools and libraries.

Last not least we want to mention network and database applications here. These client/server applications can cooperate with embedded systems or they can be pure software solutions. The web pages that you are currently reading are not just static files but rather dynamically created by PHP scipts on the webserver. Client/server applications as well as the dynamic part of an online presence are our special subject, for the graphical design of the latter we have creative partners.

Your personal offer

Every project is a new challenge. Don't hesitate to contact us for a personal conversation about your special application.

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