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 24.03.2012 - Raffle on the FSKonferenz
 11.4.2011: Arcaze USB V5.41 for Windows 7
 28.12.2010: Embedded World 2011
 30.9.2010: Arcaze USB V5.40 for Windows 7 / Vista
 21.1.2010: Arcaze USB V5.21 available
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About us

Here we want to give you some information about who's behind these pages and what you can expect of us.

What is Simple Solutions?

At this stage Simple Solutions is a start-up, managed by Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Stephan Schirrmann.

A "one man" engineering company? This is not necessarily a disadvantige - far from it! That you can be absolutely certain to get a honest answer about the capacities being available for your application goes without saying anyway.

Beyond that we feature highest flexibilty and shortest "time-to-decision" due to the absence of any hierarchies. You'll gain the advantage! For many special subjects, for prototyping and mass production, we can trust in reliable and qualified partners we are in steady contact with. It will surely pay off to ask us about your special problem.

What does Simple Solutions do?

Since the foundation of the company in 1997, we could successfully complete many hard- and software projects on customer order. Underneath were both - premium individual items for R&D and production as well as products that are bulk produced and sold today. The focus of these operations from the technical point of view is descibed on the "Services" page.

Meanwhile the first series products have been developed and can be bought in our online shop.

Any questions?

If we left some questions unanswered now, don't hesitate to contact us for further informations!

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